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  • “If you didn’t ‘be’, it wouldn’t ‘be’. You’re the energy that causes things to ‘be’ because of what you do. You’re the glue that holds everything together.” – John Caswell, Group Partners
  • “This woman knows what she’s talking about.” – John Bell, Managing Director, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence, on Macala Wright’s speech on Branding
  • “Macala, you’re a woman who rides Dragons!” – Jon Fahrner, CEO, Bumebox

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2010 Accolades

  • Industry Review and Praise For “How To Launch A Successful Fashion Line” – Fox Rothschild Fashion Law Blog, Jan. 2010
  • Sportswear International Magazine names Macala Wright Lee, “Digital Fashion Marketing Expert”

2009 Interviews & Articles

2009  Accolades

  • “I now know why this girl is so successful. She’s smart and she just ‘gets’ it. Yes, I said that.” - Jessica Gottlieb (@jessicagottlieb)
  • On Hot Pink: #5. Not just me talking. Just got off the blower with a Marketing Director for 1928 Jewelry <Macala> who confirms that loud pinks are way, way trendy. Only the brightest pinks—ones that officially trigger migraines—count for this trend. If there is no ocular hallucination, it is not fashion. E! Online – via Leslie Gornstein,@AnswerBitch
  • I’m the dead creature lady; my fashion is bizarre, sometimes hideous. It provokes and alienates. It’s a bright carapace, in a way. But you compliment me, your tastes accentuate me. It’s why I love you. – AV Flox, Pop Culture Blogger, OMG.OMG.OMFG.
  • “Macala Wright &  her website, Fashionably Marketing Me offers some incredible fundamentals for building a strong social brand.” – The List Maven,

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